Elysian Camerata
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Dear Friends,

Elysian Camerata is no longer an active performing ensemble. We loved every minute we spent playing music for you and will miss being able to do so in the future. So we have decided to leave our website up and running for the time being for those of you who would like to check in every now and then to listen to some of our music, look at some of the photos in our gallery or just to reminisce. Please enjoy what you see and hear on this site and remember what a wonderful musical ride we all shared over the years! 

To reach us please email us at Elysian_Camerata@verizon.net


In trying to find a name for this ensemble that we felt would be true to our selfmage, we looked at words and ideas that would express how deeply we love this music. The term 'Elysian' means literally 'heavenly'. We could find no other word that so singularly and so completely expressed how we feel about our work.